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Bokashi Compost bin

No Foul Smell

Waste to compost in 4 to 6 weeks

No set up required

Japanese technology in india

Sleek design and Durable

Life time support

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Add waste to the bin

1.Add food waste

Add compost maker

2.Add compost maker powder

Close the lid tight

3.close the lid

leave aside for 15 days

4.Repeat the process till the bin is full. Keep aside for 15 days after that

Liquid plant food every 3 days

5.Harvest liquid fertilizer every 3 days. Use it for plants or for cleaning toilet drains. You dont have to buy fertilizers for your plants again!!!

Compost in 6 weeks

6. Add the fermented food waste to a pot with layers of soil or compost and leave for 3 weeks. Your compost will be ready.

This method is also known as :




Trust Bin reviewsTrust Bin reviewsTrust Bin reviews

Nithin.D - "Great Product. I have started using it and my basket was full now after 15 days composting is taking effect and it is half now. But I think process will take min. 1 month to full decomposing. It doesn't give any foul smell."

Smitha B. -"Fantastic product its very easy to handle "

Suvarna s - "Great! Very easy to use it."

USHA T. - "Good"

Abhay p - "I am thankful to trust bin team for making customer to trust on line market,I am say this bcz I have received damage kit from trustbin,I have made note to them on say day with some pic,they replaced me the bin NE 6 working days,its not easy to trust online market in India,there are may people who are bluffing people.and that's why I am thankful to trust bin for making believe on them and online market."
Mrs. Alagappan - "I am pleased with the product . It is not smelly so it can be kept in the house."

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