Set of 4 - Oval railing planter - (MAGENTA,BLUE, RED and YELLOW)

  • Rs. 1,399.00

* Price is only for the planter. Plants are not included.

Planter dimension:

Top Length: 12 Inch

Top Width: 6 Inch

Overall Height including Hook: 7 Inch

Height of Container: 5 Inch


Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Which Type of Metal Used inthese Railing planters?

We Use Galvanized Iron Metal for Manufacturing.

  1. Are they galvanized after manufacture?

 No – The containers are made from pre-galvanized sheeting and all rivets are galvanized.

  1. Which Type of Paint Use to Paint the Planters?

We Use Powder Coated Paint.Powder coating provides excellent durability and toughness while maintaining its gloss level.  A powdered product has great corrosion and weather resistance.  It also has excellent impact and wearcharacteristics.

  1. Is Metal Planters having a Drainage Hole?

Yes. All the Metal Planters Having Drainage Hole in the bottom. Which helps to flush out excess of water?

  1. Is Metal Railing Planters Made Detachable Handles?

Yes. The Handles can be Detachable and adjustable to different length.

  1. What is the Durability of the metal Planters?

           The Durability is minimum 10 years. And Durability Extends based on how we maintain the   Planters.

  1. Is Planters Get Rusting?

             No.The Planters are Made up of Galvanized Iron and we Use Powder Coated Paints which    Completely Avoids Rust.     

  1. Can We Plant Directly Into Metal Planters?

         We Suggest Using as Secondary Planters. Place Plastic Pots in it.



Kannan N.
our balcony looks so beautiful and i go out more to our balcony bcoz of these beautiful planters in which we planted beautiful flowerin plants. our balcony is full of life.thanks go trustbasket.
Rahul G.
My first time ordering with trust basket. And quite amazed at the quick response and delivery without any glitches.
Rajendra M.
The planters added Color to my balcony garden. the colors n the quality is good,I feel proud of them .but there no draining holes ,so I made holes ,so that the water drips through.they r beautiful.thank you I am Mrs. murthy
Pooja K.
it was a pleasure
Anitha A.
Hi, I got fantastic pots with convenient time. Really I love them and I got new friend
Kavitha N.
The item looks perfect not beautiful on my window.
Superna K.
Bright and colourful, haven't been able to plant yet. Once I do it , wl post a picture
Lipika S.
Lovely n Vibrant colours which refreshes me everytime i see my pots with the plants in it. Quality wise it is very good. I am using this in my Balcony Railings. Trust Basket's product packaging is very good and delivery just takes 2 days. I would recommend this product to all who would want the balcony to look vibrant.
Liked the stuff very much though the size I found bit small Would like to have slightly bigger containers to hold pots and also sm discount offers

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