TrustBasket Grow Kit for Green Vegetables (Spinach,Methi,) - Trust Basket

TrustBasket Grow Kit for Green Vegetables (Spinach,Methi,)

  • Rs. 999.00
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The Package contains following items

1. GROW BAGS (5 pcs) : 150 Microns UV treated grow bags with 2 to 3 years life. 10 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter.


2. GROW SOIL(25 KGs) : Approximately 25 - 30 kgs of total weight  after soaking in water. We provide one compressed block that should be soaked in 10 ltrs of water each for few hours until it reconstitutes. 


 3. Plant Food (1.5 kgs) : 100% concentrated organic certified plant food.Just need to add once in 12months.

4. SEED PACKETS (2 Varieties) : We send 2 packets hybrid seeds based on the selection you made.

5. Detailed instruction manual

6. Dedicated phone support ( 9686432432)

7. Dedicated Email Support (

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