How to grow Fenugreek/Methi Greens in your Garden

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Fenugreek or Methi leaves are very easy to grow from seeds in pots or ground at home,even indoors.


Methi or Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a half-hardy annual herb indigenous to Western Asia. It has been grown for many centuries in the Mediterranean region and can be found in many commercially prepared curry powder.

Methi seeds

Learn how to grow fenugreek/methi in 7 easy steps. Growing fenugreek is easy if you’ll follow the tips given in this article.

  1. Buy best quality seeds from online store. The seeds are brown in colour which are irregular in shape. Soak the seeds overnight to increase germination rate before sowing.
  2. You can grow fenugreek in any container. Take a shallow wide planter at least 6 inches deep (fenugreek has shallow roots) with good drainage.
  3. Sprinkle soaked seeds all over it and add a thin quarter inch layer of soil over them. Sow seeds ¼ inches deep in a good potting mix or soil. Remember, fenugreek hates to be transplanted. Leave 2 inches of space for each plant while sowing seeds. They’ll sprout quickly and you’ll see seedlings just within 2 – 4 days.
  4. Fenugreek grows well in warm and hot climate, when temperature ranges from 50 to 90 F (10 C to 32 C).
  5. They prefers neutral soil with pH level around 6 – 7. Plant it in a spot that receives at least 4 hours of sun with shade in afternoon. Do regular watering. Do not over water.
  6. Within 20 days fenugreek will be ready for first harvest, chop up its leaves to use as green leafy vegetable and prepare delicious recipes or air dry it to use as herb.
  7. Leave the twigs, which will grow up again within 15 days, you can do this up to four times. To harvest fenugreek seeds you’ve to wait for 2-4 months.

Easy steps to grow Methi

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