How to grow Capsicum in your House Garden

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How to grow Capsicum in your House Garden

Here are few tips to grow capsicum in your home.

1. Buy capsicum seeds (either red or green) which is kidney shaped and brownish in color.

2. Choose a tray pot, make sure the container has large holes so the water can drain away freely and also pick up available moisture from the storage tray.

3. Sow the seeds in 2 inch depth with the temperature of around 20 to 25°C.

4. The plant requires full sun to grow. The seeds requires 3-4 days to germinate.

5. Capsicum is a slow growing plant, after 2 weeks of growth pinch off the leaves so that it will grow broader.

6. Capsicums are ready to harvest within 3 months.

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    when is it the ideal month to sow the seeds for capsicum in north india

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