How to grow balsam plant at home using seeds

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Balsam has the exotic flair of modern hybrid impatiens, it grows true with seeds. Balsminaceae impatiens is the scientific name for the plant. It is a common sun to partial shade flowering plant. It is easy to grow at home in pots and needs less maintenance.

Impatiens balsamina is known by the common name balsam or by the umbrella moniker of impatiens, which covers a wide variety of forms and tones. Balsam may also be found as “Rose Balsam.”

Here are simple tips to grow balsam plant at home using balsam seeds.

1. Buy balsam seeds which is small black in color. It comes in different varieties of colours. 

2. Balsam needs moist, grows best in partial shade locations.Sow them in well drained soil with 1/8" depth and have 12-14 inch apart.

3. Use large pots(terracotta) to provide plenty of space for them. Add required fertilizers when the plant grows atleast 2 inch tall.


4. Expect germination when growing balsam plants from seed in approximately 10 to 15 days. Water them during dry periods, once or twice per week. But do not keep the roots wet. If you feel roots are wet, then add little bit of hydrogen-per-oxide.

5. Balsam requires 60 to 70 days from sowing to produce flowers. Collect the seed pod carefully, can be used them to grow another plant.

Balsam Plant

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