You can live inside a bottle without Air!!! Have a look at this fantastic study.

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This is a story of three insanly powerful plants. If you close yourself inside a bottle with these plants, you dont need any external oxygen!!! Let us find out how ?

Plant 1: Areca Palm

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Converts CO2 to Oxygen and perfect indoor air cleaner.Ideal for living room. Need one plant per person.

Plant 2: Sanseveria/Mother inlaw's tongue

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Converts CO2 to Oxygen in NIGHT. Ideal for bed rooms. Need 6-8 plants per person.

Plant 2: Money plant

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Removes formaldehyde and all other impurities from air.. Can be placed any where in home. Very easy to maintain and hard to kill

There was study done using all these plants form researchers and the results were amazing!!! Have a look at the video from a Researcher who was part of the study.
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