Most beneficial garden herbs for your garden with medical benefits

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Some of the best and easiest garden herbs that you must have to grow in your garden according to me. Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow.


If you have a piece of land to plant them, great, but many actually do better in a container because their prolific nature can be contained.

Here is my list of my top ten "can't live without" garden herbs.

1. Rosemary

This plant can be used dried or fresh. If you grow it in a pot, it grows inside when the weather is too cold. This plant likes its own space.

2. Basil

Basil gives a pleasant smell around your garden. it can also be used in cooking some Italian style dishes basically.

3. Coriander

well, I don't think i need to give an explanation about this plant here. This is being the most used herb in all dishes.

4. Palak (Spinach)

This is being well known in the category of green leaves, this also helps in losing weight, reproduction, good for heart diseases and etc 

5. Methi

This is also one of the well known herb. It helps for diabetes control, heart diseases, and even in the diet for Aids patients.


Well this is it for this blog, thanks for reading.


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  • This is a list of 5 not 10

    Seerat on
  • Tips are good. You can use the water that you clean dal n rice to grow healthy pants. the herb seeds do not germinate n grow do you have …plants/ seedlings

    VAsanti on
  • I would like to add up mint toabove mentioned herbs

    madhu arora on

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