These flowers make your garden more beautiful this season

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Of course, we all love flowers... don't we? So the below blog  gives an idea about which flower to grow at home.. Here we go...



1. Cosmos sulphureus is also known as  Yellow Cosmos.
It is native native to Mexico, Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia as well.

 Flowering is best in full sun, although partial shade is tolerate.The plant is tolerant to drought after germination, and is seldom subject to insect or disease damage

  • 2.Portulaca is the type of genus of the flowering plants family Portulacaceae, Composing about 40-100 species.

  • It is relatively easy to grow in more cold climates, but no problem in exposing to sun..

  • 3.Vinca Pink flowers are used as a symbol of love and awareness. For decades, pink flowers have been used to decorate weddings as a symbol of love.
  • 4.Dianthus is a genus of about 300 species of flowering plants in the family Caryophyllaceae, native mainly to Europe and Asia.

  • The species are mostly herbaceous perennials, a few are annual or biennial, and some are low subshrubs with woody basal stems. The leaves are opposite, simple, mostly linear and often strongly glaucous grey-green to blue-green.
  • 5.Californian poppy also called as Eschscholzia californica (California poppy, Californian poppy, golden poppy, California sunlight, cup of gold) is a species of flowering plant in the family Papaveraceae, native to the United States and Mexico, and the official state flower of California.

  • 6.Dahilia ,these colorful spiky flowers generally bloom from midsummer to first frost, when many other plants are past their best. They range in color and even size, from the giant 10-inch "dinnerplate" blooms to the 2-inch lollipop-style pompons. Most varieties grow 4 to 5 feet tall.
  • 7. Balsam  is a quick growing summer annual flower, with gardenia-like blooms. Continuous blooms grow on top of a bushy plant with glossy leaves. You will get blooms in about 60-70 days. Balsam is a member of the Impatiens family. Colors include shades of white, pink, rose, violet, and red. Balsam are native to Asia, North America, and South Africa. There are annual and perennial varieties.  
  • 8. Gaillardia is produced above a clump of hairy, narrow, gray-green leaves, the blossoms of perennial blanket flower have petals that may be solid colored shades of yellow, wine red , orange or peach, or may be banded in combinations of red or orange with yellow.
  • 9. Alyssum Growing sweet alyssum requires well-drained soil with moderate moisture. The plants are tolerant of many types of soils and make a cheerful accent in many situations.
  • 10.  Antirrhinum majus also called as snapdragon in the flower bed provides cool season color and a mid-sized plant to balance tall background plants and shorter bedding plants in the front. Learn how to grow snapdragon for early spring blooms.
  • Well these are the best flowers that you can grow at home other than the ordinary ones we see.
  • let me know in case you know any other.

    thanks a lot for reading.

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