5 flowers that will fight pests off your vegetable garden!!!!!

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Okay, been inspired by all our blog posts, you have started a small veggie garden. That is really a great news. But, after some time, you may face a tough challenge, and that is fighting pests. In today’s container and terrace gardens, fighting pests without using any chemical pesticides is a real challenge and this is where nature gives us a helping hand in the way of “flowers”. Yes, that is true, some flowers do have the capacity to fight pests off your garden. Here is a list of 5 very important and easy to grow flowers that will help fight pests off your vegetable garden.

1. Chrysanthemums:


They are a kind of flowers that are not only beautiful, but also have a wonderful scent. Available in various colours; white, pink, yellow and even purple, these flowers are ideal to fight pests. Apart from doing their prime duty of “fighting pests” they also give an elegant look to your garden. Imagine a cosy corner in your veggie garden full of chrysanthemums in all colours. How nice it will be!


2. Marigolds:


One of the easiest of all flowering plants to grow, marigolds come in a lot of varieties and they give a chic look to your garden. But very few know that these have the tendency to drive away pests. Especially, French marigolds are good at driving away white flies and bad nematodes. Marigolds  are available in two varieties; scented and unscented. It  is always best to use scented varieties because it is this “scent” that drives the pests away.

3. Petunias:


Have you see these bright coloured flowers in a nursery shop? Well, at first we didn’t know that they are good pest repellents until we used them in our vegetable garden. They are good in repelling aphids, tomato hornworms, leaf hoppers and asparagus beetles.


4. Dahlias:


The big “fluffy” flower as we, at Trustbasket, call Dahlias, has a wonderful tendency to repel nematodes. The flowers are very attractive and available in various colours and combinations. It is the beauty of these flowers that attracts many to grow them in their gardens, but least do people know about this “pest repellant” property.


5. Four O’Clocks:


You would have seen these flowers in the road sides. You may also wonder, why to plant them along with the veggies. But trust us, they are good at killing Japanese beetles. They have a peculiar way of attracting and killing these Japanese beetles. However, they are poisonous and hence choose a safe location to plant them.


Now that you have read about the importance of these five flowers why not go ahead and plant them as early as possible? After all they are nature’s gifts to us to repel pests and devoid of chemical pesticides!

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