5 Vegetable gardening suggestions for this season

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Gardening is not only having fancy collection of plants or flowers. An intelligent way of gardening also includes having vegetables, greens that we can use in daily life diet so that you can be healthy and have a great environment of plants at your home.


The below vegetables are more suitable for rainy and winter season coming up in India, so that you can consider to have them in your garden.


1. Bitter Gourd : Being the most benefit-able vegetable bitter guard must be mentioned first here.

This is one of the best vegetable diet to use. It also can grow well in rainy season.


2. Cucumber : I have seen this plant in most of the homes and it really gives fresh look to your garden with really fresh looking cucumber falling on the pot. Its a great side dish used in daily life and also can be taken as evening snack with chilli flavored chutney.

3. Beans : being one of the most used vegetable in daily life, beans surely gets place in this list.

This is also an easy vegetable to consider to have in your garden.


4.Tomato: This is the most cutest and essential daily need for life one of the best option to vegetable gardening. Tomato can be consumed as a vegetable as well as a fruit. 


5. Ridge Gourd : a best vegetable with more nutrients this is one of the widely found member in the gardening. It gives warm and pleasant greenish look to your garden.


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  • Sorry I forgot to mention that this query is for Delhi climate. Also what other seeds can be sown now for flowers in pots in delhi

    RAshmi on
  • I have planted seeds of cucumber, bitter gourd, beans, bottle gourd round, Tina and brinjals in grow bags from you. All have sprouted. I have two balconies ,one facing south with sun and the other facing north without direct sun. Please advise which out of these plants can manage fruit without direct sunlight. Also tips to see that all these plants can reach harvest stage. Is the depth of grow bags sufficient for these plants

    RAshmi on
  • Please send tips to grow vegetables and flowers in Mumbai climate,and what to do to get a healthy vegetables and flowers

    Pari mohan on
  • Very well thought out website. I am a complete greenhorn as far as growing vegetables at home is concerned and have just ordered and received my kit. Will be in a position to comment only after I have used it.
    One thing however, I have observed that comments appearing earlier do not contain any response or feedback from you. It would be better if your response to the queries is also appended to the queries published on this page earlier to make it more knowledgeable for others visiting this page.

    Jamshid Bharucha on
  • Giving good information.pls. continue to do so.

    smy kumar on

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