3 Feet Coir Moss Stick/Coco Pole for Climbing Indoor Plants (Set of 4)

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Country of origin : INDIA

Coir moss stick height: 3 feet

Package includes: 4 coir moss stick(each 3 feet height)

Product Description

We find different kind of plants around us. Few plants have a strong stem system which makes the plants stand by itself. But there is another kind of plants which needs some support to grow. These plants are called Climbers. Since they have a soft stem, they require a support to stand. For those plants which require a support, here is a useful product called Coir Moss Stick.

TrustBasket has introduced Coir Moss Stick made of fiber pipe and coir. The pipe has a layer of coir on it which helps the plants to grow and spread itself freely. You need to just fix the Moss stick in the center of the pot and spread the vine on it. Hence the plants get the support and grow well.

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