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Your balcony looks better than ever with these planters. 


Oval Rectangular Round Bee


1.About Balcony Railing Planters India

 Perfect for Balcony Gardening

City and apartment dwellers having space constraints need to come up with innovative ways to pursue their gardening interests by growing more in less space. Balcony railing planter pots are ideal in these conditions as they hang over balcony, held in place firmly by supporting brackets. Having a railing planter saves floor space, allows you to grow more plants and gives a more visually pleasing appearance. 

Lightweight and Strong

Planters made for hanging are ideally made of lightweight materials like plastics and metal. Terracotta and clay are heavy and put an extra load along with the soil and the weight of the plant. Metal and plastic railing planters are also thinner and hold more soil at the same time. Railing pots for plants are ideal to grow flowers, ornamental shrubs or even vegetables 

Charming Addition to Your Balcony

There’s no better way to make your balcony more pleasing than by bringing it to life with decorative shrubs and flowering plants. Combined with the attractive balcony railing planter pots from TrustBasket, they are sure to make your balcony the centre of attraction in your home. Choose from a variety of railing pots online in India available in colourful and innovative designs. 

Types of Railing Planters

TrustBasket offers a large variety of balcony railing planters in different colours, sizes and shapes. Our planters come with detachable hooks so you can use them as railing and also as table top planters. 

These planters are made of galvanized metal and have a powder-coated paint finish, which protects them from rusting and fading. Each railing planter weighs less than 1 kilogram, which makes it easy to carry from one place to another. These railing pots for plants can hold up to 5 to 6 kg of potting mix, which helps you to grow all kinds of plants. All planters from TrustBasket have drainage hole at the bottom for excess water to flow out, which prevents the plant from rotting in case of over-watering. The minimum durability of our planters is 10 years and durability can be extended with proper maintenance. 

Our oval and rectangular planters are available in seven different colours (red, yellow, magenta, blue, teal, green, ivory). These planters can be used to grow large flowers, common vegetables, climbers, root vegetables and greens. Our small railing pots like round dotted and bee planters can be used to grow common vegetables (capsicum, chili, cherry tomato, etc.) and flowers like (vinca, petunia, marigold). 

Apart from buying railing planters online at TrustBasket, you can also explore our website for potting soil, kitchen waste compost bin, coloured pebbles, terracotta garden pots, lucky bamboo for office / business, capsicum yellow seeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Railing planter pots can be hung over the balcony with the help of supporting brackets. Our planter pots come equipped with detachable hooks so that you may use them as both railing and tabletop planters.

Well aerated soil should be used for the railing planters which delivers the right proportion of nutrients. Our enriched potting soil mix is good for plants grown in railing planters.

Yes, you can make your balcony more eye catching by planting decorative shrubs and flowering plants in attractive railing planters. TrustBasket offers a wide variety of balcony railing planters in different sizes, colours and shapes. You may choose innovative designs of planters in your preferred colour and decorate your balcony railing according to your choice.

Railing planters are ideal to grow flowers, ornamental shrubs or even vegetables like capsicum, chili, cherry tomato, etc.

Railing planter pots are ideally made from lightweight materials such as plastics and metals. The galvanized metal has a powder-coated paint finish, which protects them from rusting and fading in open area.