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To décor your home with plants using indoor plant pots it’s a creative idea of decorating. Before choosing the planters you must have an idea about indoor and outdoor plants. We can select lot of plants for outdoor gardening but for indoor, we have limited plant Here are some certain conditions to indoor gardening

  • Choose the type of plant which can be grown using less sunlight.
  • Since you have chosen indoor gardening choose the plant which will grow to a certain height.
  • The best indoor pots are Railing, Hanging, and Decorative planters.
  • Keep the indoor pots in the place where you can get 2 hours of direct /indirect sunlight.
  • Best plant for indoor is lucky bamboo which can be grown without sunlight and soil

For indoor Gardening, you can select the colorful planters which will support for your creative idea. You can also choose lucky bamboo planters to décor your office space and home space. Lucky bamboo plants are available in different layers. As per the Chinese tradition, 2 layered lucky bamboo will double your luck. Keeping lucky bamboo inside houses and business places is believed to bring happiness and prosperity. Choose some decorative terracotta’s and metal planters which not only décor your house but also pleasant your eyes.


 Trust basket provides us a variety of indoor flower pots which are well suited to decorate your home /office space. Trust basket metal planters are made up of galvanized metal and finishing is done with powder coated painting, so the planters weigh around 1 kg which is flexible and easy to carry. Our planters are provided with a small bottom hole so the excess of water will flow out otherwise your plant may suffocate and rot from too much moisture. So you can keep a saucer or plate at the bottom of the planter the excess water will collect there. Our wall hanging planters will give a tradition look for your gardening. Our experts suggest round and bee indoor planter pots for indoor gardening, we are providing round planters with polka dots in 5 different colors (blue, red, yellow, green, and orange). Whereas our bee planters are available in 6 different colours (blue, red, yellow, green, Pink, light pink). These indoor planter pots are given with detachable hooks so you can use these planters to hang, by removing the hook you can use them has table top planters. You can choose our oval and rectangular planters as indoor flower pots. Half lace table top/hanging planters are best suitable for indoor gardening Decorative terracotta planters like thinking dog, snail, owl, hippo these kinds of indoor pots can be used to grow indoor plants. Our lucky bamboo plants are given with metal /plastic planter. So no need of soil and sunlight you can keep the plant in the pot of water. Our lucky bamboo of two layers is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to your house/office. the indoor garden is a great way to get the kids interested in gardening. Gardens can include anything from herb and vegetable gardens to edible flower.
With so many specialty gardens to choose from, you’re certain to find a unique gardening style to fit the needs of any gardener.

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