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Rectangular Railing Planter -Dark Blue (12 Inch)

₹ 850 ₹ 555 (35% off)

Rectangular Railing Planter - Blue (18 Inch)

₹ 937 ₹ 599 (36% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.0 1

Raising Colors Oval Railing Planters - Set of 4 (Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow)

₹ 1,649 ₹ 1,299 (21% off)

Half Lace finish Teal

₹ 669 ₹ 299 (55% off)

Rectangular Railing Planter -Yellow (18 Inch)

₹ 937 ₹ 599 (36% off)

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TrustBasket Set of 2 Trophy Stand with Yellow and Red Ribbed Planters

₹ 1,199 ₹ 719 (40% off)

TrustBasket Calamus Planter with Stand

₹ 1,884 ₹ 879 (53% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.5 2

Rectangular Railing Planter - Dark Green(12 Inch)

₹ 850 ₹ 481 (43% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 1

Rectangular Railing Planter Blue And Magenta (18 Inch) - Set of 2

₹ 1,668 ₹ 1,149 (31% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 1

Rectangular Railing Planter -Yellow and Magenta (23 Inch) - Set of 2

₹ 1,833 ₹ 1,340 (27% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 4.5 2

Rectangular Railing Planter - Yellow and Green (12 Inch) - Set of 2

₹ 1,110 ₹ 783 (29% off)

Set Of 2 - Half Lace finish Yellow and Teal

₹ 885 ₹ 599 (32% off)

4.8 rating (19 votes) 5.0 2

Rectangular railing planter - YELLOW plain (18 inch)

₹ 937 ₹ 599 (36% off)

Wall Mount Square Flower Pot Stand - Set of 2

₹ 1,195 ₹ 827 (31% off)

Leo Planter (Set of 4)

₹ 1,899 ₹ 849 (55% off)

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About Metal Flower Planters & Pots

Why choose metal pots

 Using metal garden pots for container gardening is alternative for clay/plastic pots. They are light weighted gives an advantage of ease transport. Metal planters are attracted to the different shapes, size and color. Usually prone to overheat but a good quality one which is UV rays resistant protects the plants getting heated and less risk of breakage and might think of rusting/fading of color, its common but we can reduce the effect for which we have powder coated finishing, you can check our metal garden planters which are quality once and highly durable. They make a right choice for a balcony as well as backyard gardening as they fit in well to any corner, they even go best in indoor. No boundaries for plants to grow in metal garden pots; it can be vegetable gardening or flowering.

Choosing the right type

When it comes to choosing them, it all depends on the plant which goes in and the exact place it's placed. Shapes differ and plants differ, you got to give a right combo.

 In vegetable gardening some vegetable plants prefer shapes for growth say for methi/coriander rectangular and oval once are preferred, onions/beets/cauliflower rounded etc. Choose  quite a big pot for vegetable gardening to say about 14inches in width and 8 inches in depth  are best suited, well major advantage is that as you have chosen container gardening you can transplant the plant if in case you think the plant requires more space or in a case of any damage.

Flowering up your garden/balcony needs interest and creativity. As metal flower pot comes in good shape and color, it’s all your way how you set your garden/balcony. Flowers are attracted to the color and texture they hold so when you want to see them in containers choose a right color for the flowering and the place around where it’s placed.

Trust Basket metal pots

Trust basket metal planters are made up of galvanized iron metal. our powder coated paint provides excellent durability of minimum 10 years and durability extends based on the maintenance of the planter. Powder coated paint will completely avoid rust /colour fade.                                                        

Our metal garden planters are provided with detachable hooks so you can use them as railing or table top. The handles can adjustable for different length so you can fix on all types of railings like square round etc. All the planters of trust basket will be having a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out. The metal flower pot  is available in seven different colours red, yellow, magenta, blue, teal ivory and green. You can also choose the colour combination which you need by contacting us. Our metal railing planters can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

 We offer hanging once with a number of colors which takes a good place to grow and stand out/ table tops for indoor décor. Metal Railing planter which comes in oval, rectangular, round and bee shapes can be used to decorate your balcony/ garden making them look better with greens around which are eye pleasing

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