TrustBasket Enriched Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Mix with Required Fertilizers for Plants

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    Product Description

    Product Description :


    • Completely organic potting medium for plants and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals
    • Rich in micro and macronutrients which are essential for the healthy growth of plants
    • Has highest moisture retention capacity
    • Has antifungal property that supplements the overall health of the plants
    • Contains essential microbes, which enhances the nutrient release from organic matter
    • Perlite provides excellent drainage and encourages aeration

    Soil is the foundation of the basic ecosystem of plant growth. It serves as the growing medium for plants. The fertile soil in the pot is the main source of nutrients for the plants. In today's concrete world, it is difficult to get good soil to grow plants. If at all you get the soil, it might not contain the required nutrients in it. You can buy fertile potting soil online to grow the plants. Nutrient-rich soil promotes overall plant health and gives a good yield.

    In order to provide good quality potting soil with essential nutrients, TrustBasket has introduced "Earth Magic Potting Soil". It has a good moisture retention capacity of the soil helps to regulate the soil temperature, promotes the metabolic activity of soil microorganisms, and also serves as the solvent and carrier of food nutrients for plants growth. Micro and macronutrients present in the soil perform specific functions which are much required for the development of the plants. Microbes present in the soil enhance soil properties and are also responsible for most of the nutrient release from organic matter.

    Our potting soil is purely organic and 100% chemical-free.

    If you are a home gardener, who wants to grow plants in any container, then try our Earth Magic Potting Soil and get an excellent yield from your plants. TrustBasket is a one-stop-shop to buy all kinds of gardening accessories online at incredible prices. You can also explore the other gardening products on our website.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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