About Outdoor Plant Pots

 Nowadays we don’t have a large space for gardening, we use planters or pots for growing plants, Based on the material and size the planters are divided into two types – Indoor pots and Outdoor pots.

While selecting an outdoor plant pot for your garden make sure that the planters have some minimum qualities mentioned below.

  •  The planters should have less weight so that it will be flexible and easy to carry.
  • The planters should withstand direct sunlight
  • The planters should not be damaged due to heavy rain
  •  It would be better if the planters have hooks so that it can be hanged.
  • The planters should be capable of containing 3 to 4 kg of potting mix
  • They should have drainage hole so the excess of water can flow out

As per the expert suggestions for outdoor gardening, it would be better to choose a planter made up of metal or terracotta. Outdoor planters are of different types like Hanging, Railing and wall planters. Select a right plant to be grown in the planter. For outdoor flower pots select Terracotta, metal and plastic planters which can contain 4 to 5 kg of potting mix. These planters not only fill your garden it also welcomes your visitors.


Outdoor pots by trust basket

Trust basket planters are made up of galvanized metal and the finishing is given with the powder coated painting so they won’t get shaded from direct sunlight, they can withstand all over the day and these planters are rust free.  The metal planters are designed in the way so they weigh around 1 kg so you can easily carry them. Compared to other planters our planter has less maintenance because our outdoor pots can be easily cleaned with the cloth. Every time when you clean, The planters will have new look.

Trustbasket planters are given with detachable hooks so you can use them in two ways. With the hook, you can use them to hang on the railings by removing use them as tabletop planters. The hooks which we are providing can be changed on all type of railings like square round and etc. A small hole is given at the bottom of the planters so the excess of water will flow out. The durability of our outdoor plant pots is minimum 10 years and durability will extend based on the maintenance of planter.Terracotta’s, eco-friendly handmade products fit into any corner of your surrounding/ place. Snail, dog, owl terracotta planters are made especially for your gardens which are mostly liked by the children's. Our metal planters are in different shapes, size and colour. You can use our rectangular and oval planters to grow common veggies (capsicum, carrot tomato, radish, bendi ..etc) and flowers these planters can be hung on the railing so you can decorate your plain looking balcony with our colourful planters. Our metal hanging planters will give a pleasant look for our garden.

Our plastic pots are UV treated ( ultraviolet rays treated) so they won't get damaged by the intense sunlight and also to rain. we have plastic pots in 8, 10 and 14 inches with saucers so you can use them as tabletop planters for growing flowers and veggies. instead of using old outdoor flower pots you can use our best-designed metal and terracotta planters to décor your outdoor garden.

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