Flower Booster - Provides All Essential Multi Micro nutrients for All Flowering Plants Like Rose, Anthurium, Marigold etc . Each 500 grms Can be diluted to More Than 125 litres

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Country of origin : INDIA

Product Description:

Flowers are one beautiful part of the plant that has the ability to enhance the grace of Nature. Its colors and shapes are astonishing and breathtaking. These two characteristics are enough for making them attractive. Growing such beautiful flowering plants will not only beautify your household but also increases your dignity in the neighborhood.

Generally, flowering plants are a bit sensitive. So they require more care to grow well. In order to help you in growing such beautiful flowering plants, we have introduced TrustBasket Flower Booster. It contains all the micro and macro nutrients in a balanced and easily absorbable form. Using this Flower Booster, you can easily grow colorful and beautiful flowering plants at your household.

Benefits of Our Flower Booster :

  • It has the ability to increase flower production. 
  • It keeps the plants healthy, greener and attractive. 
  • It increases the plant size and number of flowers per plant. 
  • It imparts original color and aroma to the flowers. 

Directions For Use: 

Dissolve 4g of TrustBasket Flower booster in one liter of water and spray on both the surface of the leaves. Repeat spray once in 20-30 days. TrustBasket Flower Booster can be used on all the garden plants to increase its growth.

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