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About Polished Pebbles

A great way to décor up your dry area is to add colour! And much like paint and carpet, Pebbles can do just that for your garden. If you have a neglected corner, an eroding pathway, and pebbles might be your best option. We recommend at least a 50mm layer of polished pebbles is used in order to get good even coverage and weed control matting is a must in these areas., the pebbles can go down straight over the existing surface for an instant facelift.

Great for garden pathways

Pathways are very important in garden landscaping. To make your pathways appear creative and visually interesting, use stones and pebbles. Use them in otherwise empty spaces between plants to create different textures and colors. It can also greatly add aesthetics to the landscape.

Whenever you decide to create a garden path or other area with stones and polished pebbles, you must have to pay attention to the soil on which they are laid. Weeds can grow in such soil and can ultimately peep through the spaces between pebbles or stones. This can give you an additional chore of clearing them. Use weed mats to inhibit weed growth and save you from exerting effort clearing the weeds. Natural coloured stones from old river beds look nice and rounded. This type of stone requires very little work on removing the rough edges.

Ideal for lawn edges and flower beds

Pebbles can also be used to create edges for lawns and flower beds, giving them a definite border. It can also be used in water bodies like that of Japanese gardens. These types of gardens use pebbles to create the soothing sound of running water flowing over them.

Help moisturize the soil and mulch

The use of stones and pebbles in gardens can help the unplanted areas from losing moisture. This in itself can help the soil around the plants retain moisture, reducing the need for watering. Pebbles are mainly a result of sand mining operations and are sometimes further processed by waxing and tumbling. Pebbles are also used on top of any organic mulch that you place around the roots of plants. Then again, these pebbles help the mulch to retain moisture and reduce any need for watering. They also inhibit weed growth and this can be a huge advantage for gardeners as the removing of weeds makes for back breaking work.

Beautify the water garden

Many landscape artists prefer to set up waterfall gardens as part of a garden landscape. These experts depend on stones and beach pebbles for gardens to create aesthetically and natural looking water gardens. Water is allowed to flow into ponds that have fish and aquatic plants. You can also have ponds that run for long lengths. Lining the banks with rounded and beach pebbles can make for very pleasant looking ponds. Indeed, pebbles and stones can always add to the variety in a garden landscape and help to make it more attractive and realistic.

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