TrustBasket Plant Growth Promoter/Booster Organic Fertilizer

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When it comes to caring for the plants watering, growing medium and providing essential nutrients plays a very important role. Plants need nutrients rich soil to grow well. Plants grow healthy with the help of these essential components. Plants get these nutrients from soil and fertilizers. But in today's concrete world, we hardly find good soil with the required vital nutrients. So we need to provide the nutrients externally. There are many chemical fertilizers and growth promoters in the market. But our TrustBasket Growth Promoter stands differently with its features. Our Growth Promoter is made of Seaweed extract, Humic acid and Amino Acid. These components help in the fast and healthy growth of the plants. It helps in faster germination of seeds and seedling growth. The plants will grow with healthier roots and strong stem with the use of this growth promoter. It is also helpful in the carrying the process of Photosynthesis. 

Direction For Use:

1. Loosen the top layer of the soil to the depth of 1 inch around the plant.

2. Apply about 15g of Growth Promoter for each pot and mix the soil.

3. Water enough to moist the media immediately.

4. Repeat the process once in 30 days.

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