About Terracotta flower pots

Clay flower pots is the best planters to grow flowers. Planters with best design and good quality are most preferable for outdoor gardening, choose a planter which has a drainage hole otherwise your plant may suffocate and rot from too much moisture. Colourfull flowers with designed terracotta will give an appealing look for your garden. Below are some of the suggestions given by our experts to select terracotta planter.
  • Terra-cotta clay material is porous and allows roots to breathe
  • Drainage hole helps protect against overwatering
  • Smaller size is perfect for accenting matching larger outdoor planters 
  • Terra cotta color works well with any decor

Trust basket terracotta flower pots.

Trust basket has a variety of handmade terracotta clay flower pots which are manufactured from qualitative range of raw material, these planters are designed by our experts which give an attractive look for your garden. Pots and Vases made up of terracotta suitable for Indoor home décor as well as outdoor use. Below are some of the features of a terracotta planter.
  • Impeccable finish
  • Light in weight
  • Durable finish
  • Various designs & Size available

Our planters are provided with a drainage hole at the bottom so the excess of water will flow out. which prevents the plant from rotting. Colourfull flowers like dahlia, calendula, carnation, cosmos, gomphrena, marigold and much more can be grown in our best-designed planters like buddha head, thinking dog, snail, owl, toad and hippo planters. Pots can be seen in many homes but an ordinary pot looks so pale. Why not decorate it with trust basket planters so that your garden appearance gets better to best.

Below are some of the suggestions by our experts for flower gardening.

Flower plants need minimum 5 to 6 hours of daily sunlight to grow healthily, select a soil with enough organic matter which are essential for successful flower gardening. if your garden gets less sunlight, the fewer blooms you will get; in too much shade, flowering plants may grow but you won't get any blooms. Some species of flowers can bloom in less than eight hours a day of sunlight, but you'll have to seek them out. As always when buying plants, read labels, seed packets or catalog descriptions carefully.
If you are planning to grow flowers from seed, select a pot of 4 to 5-inch height and sow the seed 1inch deep.For transplanting, While the flowers are still in a plastic pot, water them heavily to drench the soil. Then, pull the flowers out of the pot and gently break up the root ball with your fingers. This will help the roots of the flowers to grow out into the soil, rather than back into a confined lump. Add several tablespoons of water to each plant by using a watering can several feet above the flowers to avoid damaging the petals or leaves. Whenever blooms on your flowers die off or become old and wilted, cut them off. Cutting off the dead blossoms and leaves will stimulate new growth and have your flowers looking even more beautiful than ever. As you continue to help your flowers grow, they may become too large for the plot you originally chose for them. Consider moving them to a larger location and adding new flowers to their old location. This will keep your garden growing big, healthy, and beautiful!

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