Best Terracotta Clay Pots for Plants

About Clay Pots For Plants

Terracotta pots are a popular choice because of their rustic charm and durability. Clay pots for Plants are available in different shapes and also in a plain. Terracotta pots are more decorative and uv resistant so they are a great alternative of plastic pot. Terracotta pots offered comes in exclusive and fine construction quality which is well suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Any types of plants like vegetables and flowers can be grown in terracotta pots. While selecting a planter to choose a pot depending on the size and growth of the plant. Also, make a note choose a planter which has a drainage hole so your plant won’t rot from too much moisture.

Trust basket Terracotta Plant Pots

Trust basket offers a wide and varied range of terracotta pot in a variety of designs shapes and size. Bringing back the traditional way of gardening with modern designs, we provide the variety of products suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening.
Below are some of the advantages of Trust basket planters compared to normal planters.

  • Hole in bottom for proper drainage
  • Made of natural terra cotta from rich red clay
  • Porous nature of clay gives the ability to "breathe"
  • Excellent water absorption properties for plant health

We produce entirely handmade clay pots for plants which are beautiful, durable and full of character. These products are made by using optimum quality material and advance technology which are easily procurable at a very low market prices. Our charming Terra Cotta Pot is ready to fill with plants.

Guidance for beginners

Select a pot that is large enough for your plant to grow, better to choose a pot with drainage hole wich suit the style of your garden. terracotta pots are used for long term planting. the porous quality means the compost will dry out quickly and need regular watering

follow the below steps while planting 

  • fill the pot with potting mix to the level of the base of your pot, leave a 2 cm gap between the top of the compost and rim of the planter.
  • sow the seeds 2 inches deep in the pot.
  • fill the gaps with the compost and firm with your fingers.
  • complete the final step by watering well. also, make a note don't water too much because the seeds won't sprout due to over moisture. 
  • keep the pot in the place where you can get good sunlight of around 5 to 6 hours daily.


  • soil should be replaced every 6 months with a fresh layer of compost, which provides extra nutrients for the plants to grow healthily.
  • check the soil and water regularly since the plants may dry out as the weather warms up in spring and summer

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