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About Window Box Planters

Window planters are great for gardening in small spaces. Window flower pots will give an appealing look for your garden, window planter can be used for both indoor and outdoor gardening. When choosing a planter, be sure to measure first. Choose a window box planters size that is at least as wide as your window, this will create a display that is appealing to the eye. It’s important to think about the shape and colour of plants that you would like and also the space that they’ll grow in and also make sure that any container you use has a drainage hole. This is important because when it rains or when you water, you don’t want the planter filling up with water. Choose the location of the planter where it can get necessary sunlight of 4 to 5 hours which helps for plants to grow healthily. Colourfull flowers at your windows will give a blossom look.

Trust Basket Windows Planters.

Trust basket provides a variety of window planters for your garden. We are trading and supplying a wide assortment of planters which can be placed in both indoor/outdoor and used for displaying plants. Window box planters which we are manufacturing are used in corporate offices, nursery and residents for decoration. Our window pots are uv (ultra violet) treated which can withstand direct sunlight all over the day. Our window plastic pots are manufactured using good quality which can bear 30 to 40 kg of grow soil. Trust basket planters are all given with a drainage hole at the bottom of the planters so the excess of water will flow out. As per our expert's suggestions plants like climbers, colourfull flowers and herbs are the best suitable plants to grow in a window planter. Our planters not only décor your garden but also welcomes your visitor.They’re easy to plant. Here are some key points to keep in mind to help you choose, plant, and care for a window planters

  1. Select a type of planter that matches your house like plastic metal etc.
  2. Choose the size of the planters which perfectly fits i the desired location.
  3. fill the container with a good enriched potting mix of 4 to 5 kg.
  4. plant directly in the container or use secondary planters like plastic liner so it extends the durability of the planters.
  5. Put plants in a plastic liner that fits inside the container. With this method, you can rotate liners and add fresh plants when current plantings pass their prime.
  6. Choose long-blooming plants to put into your window box to prolong its appeal.  There are good choices among the species of petunia and cineraria that grow well in containers. Herbs are another choice, giving the added benefit of being useful in the kitchen. Basil  and coriander are two annual herbs that grow well in containers. If  your pot is in the sun for most of the day, choose plants that tolerate full sun.
  7. Frequent watering is the most important part of caring for plants in window boxes. As with most containers, window planters  will need to be watered at least once a day. To help with this, consider an automatic watering system or put your boxes under windows that open so you can water them without leaving the house. Fertilizing is also important for window boxes. During the initial planting, mix slow-release feeding pellets into the soil. After they are exhausted, add liquid fertilizer once a week.
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