Bird House Red

  • Rs. 431.00

Product Description:

Height:7 inch

Width:5 inch


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of metal is used in making these Bird house?
We use Galvanized Iron Metal in making these Railing planters.

2. Are they galvanized after manufacturing?
No. It made from pre-galvanized metal sheets and all rivets are galvanized.

3. What type of paint is used for the Bird house?
We use Powder Coated Paint. Powder coating provides excellent durability and toughness while maintaining its gloss level. These products have corrosion and weather resistance.

5. How about the durability of the bird house?
The durability of the Bird house is around 3-5 years. It can be increased based on how we maintain it.

6. Will the bird house get rusted?
No. They are Made of Galvanized metal and we use powder coated paints which avoid rust.


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