Garden Scissor for Pruning Plants

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    Product Description

    Product Dimensions

    Length: 4.5 Cm

    Width: 2 Cm

    Height: 18 Cm

    About Garden Scissor

    Trust Basket Garden Scissor is a very handy tool which everyone prefers to have at their home. It is made of galvanized metal and its handle is made of top quality virgin plastic. It has a spring for easy use and a lock to keep it closed when not in use. It can be used to harvest flowers, fruits, vegetables and also to cut small branches with less effort. As it is made of galvanized metal, it is durable and lasts for 5 to 6 years.

    Tips and Cautions for Using Scissors

    • Do not use it to Cut wires. You will permanently nick the blade, making every single cut you make afterward just a teeny bit harder. Some have a small notch where the wire can be inserted and cut.
    • Keep them sharp and clean. To keep your scissors in top shape, despite the abuse, you need to keep them clean, sharp and lubricated.

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