Green Garden Tools - Set of 4 (Cultivator, Hand fork, Small trowel, Big trowel)
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Green Garden Tools - Set of 4 (Cultivator, Hand fork, Small trowel, Big trowel)

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A garden is a great way to gain responsibility and personal satisfaction. In fact, studies show that merely looking at a garden or plants can generate changes in such things as blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain electrical activity. Through colors and textures, gardeners can invoke emotions of calm, tranquility, and happiness. Gardening is more than a feel good pastime; it has evolved into a form of therapy for our body and soul.

Keep in mind that with any type of exercise, you want to be sure to stretch out beforehand. The same holds true with gardening. Stretch your arms, legs, and back before heading out into the yard. You many also want to vary your gardening chores from day to day. This will ensure that every section of your garden and body gets attention.

The garden tools are the most important helping hand for every gardener. There is no doubt that without proper garden tools, it is impossible to work in the garden. There are various kinds of tools for gardening made for cultivation. The garden fork, cultivator, garden trowel etc, are the tools which are used by people in present.

Garden Cultivator

It is used for mixing the soil before sowing the seeds or saplings. It is also used to remove weeds from the soil. As it has finger-like structure, it can be used as a plow for smaller plants and for loosening the soil. The cultivator can remove the weed seeds from the soil surface and expose young weed sprouts. These young seedlings will die when left exposed on the soil surface. Weed seed germination is also interrupted by cultivating.

Hand Fork

It is a common garden tool used for loosening the soil. Its finger like structure helps in mixing the soil and uprooting the unwanted plants. It has a bigger tooth when compared to the gardening cultivator. The sharp edges help in penetrating into the soil and mixing the soil.

Hand Trowel

It is one of the basic garden tools used in gardening for digging the soil. The pointed edge helps in digging the soil and the flat surface is used to take out the soil. It can also be used to scoop the soil, transplanting the seedlings etc., The garden trowel ideally suited to working in the close quarters of flower beds, and for tasks like transplanting, handling seedlings, and placing bulbs. Some gardeners also like to use trowels for removing the weeds, since the small, sharp blade can help to uproot stubborn weeds.

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