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Organic Plant Food-2KG

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About Organic Plant food 

For both indoor and outdoor garden, Plant food is essential to the success of container gardening. The faster a plant grows the more fertilizer and water is required.Once you select a organic Plant food you’ll need to apply it once in every two weeks for the container growth plants. This assumes that you’re growing in a high quality. Plant food is a manure or mixture of nitrates which are added to soil, to make fertile. In market plant fertilizers are available in different types like water soluble plant fertilizer, controlled release plant fertilizer and many more. Organic plants food is most preferable for fertilizing.

Vermi compost

  • Vermi compost is an organic fertilizer. This compost is done by breaking down of organic material through the use of worms, bacteria and fungi.
  • One of the advantages of vermi compost is that you can’t over feed your plants with it. Because it won’t burn plants like other types of fertilizer. So you can feed each plant with ½ cup of vermin compost every two months.
  • Vermicompost can be added to the surface of the soil surroundings plants and water right in.
  • A handful of vermicompost can be placed into the each container when planting seedlings.
  •  If you’re starting seeds indoors, incorporate vermicompost into your starting mix! Use 1 part vermicompost to 3 parts soil mix.

 Trust Basket Plant food

Trust Basket is one of the top most organization of this industry and offer qualitative range of Plant fertilizer We assure about the quality of our product range as they are well tested in different phase of production. Our range of Quality Vermicompost is safe to use, highly effective and widely appreciated by our esteem clients. We own a vast industrial experience of this industry and serving since a long time period. Our prime motto is maintaining the product quality and we make our every possible effort to make it possible. We are not only dealing with vermicompost we all types of gardening materials and fertilizers which can be used for both home and farm gardening.


  • Free from impurities
  • Safe to use
  • Long shelf life
  • Result of Trust Basket Vermi compost

With my team support, I experimented with two pots of premium potting soil. I filled one planting pot with only the soil. In the other, I put the potting soil with a 20% mix of Trust basket vermicompost. In each pot, I sowed four flower seeds. Every day, I used to  placed the pots under sunlight for four to five hours  Then I waited for  seven days  after that, I was happy  to see three of the potting soil seeds and three of the vermin compost seeds  are sprouted. There were three plants in each of the pots. After 15 days the sprouts became larger.  After three days the plants growth was more.  The vermicompost plants are slightly taller and have a little bit bigger leaves.  The difference was too impressive, the vermicompost plants are bigger. It is clear that the vermicompost plants are growing taller and leaves are larger, one other notable difference is that the vermicompost soil is holding the moisture longer than the potting soil.  The vermicompost plants are still taller, but also appear to be fuller.

 Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later :)



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