Set of 10 Grow Bags with 100% Organic potting soil and Nutrients

Rs. 1,310.00

The Package contains following items

1. LOVE BAGS (10 pcs) : 150 Microns UV treated grow bags with 2 to 3 years life. 10 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter.


2. COCO PEAT (50 KGs) : Approximately 50kgs of total weight  after soaking in water. We provide 2 compressed blocks that should be soaked in 25 liters of water each for few minutes until it reconstitutes. 


 3. Plant Food (3 kgs) : 100% concentrated organic certified plant food. Just need to add once in 12months.

4. Instruction manual : A detailed instruction manual on how to use the product.



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