EasyGro Methi Growing Kit (Grow bag, Soil, manure, Seeds)
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EasyGro Methi Growing Kit (Grow bag, Soil, manure, Seeds)

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Growing a plant at home is a relaxing hobby everyone must-have. Growing small veggie plants in your house would be a great idea to start with. How nice would it be if you could eat Coriander or Mint that is grown at your house? You will definitely stand unique in your neighborhood. Consuming the veggies grown by yourself also gives you satisfaction. So why don't you try growing some Green leafy vegetables with our new kind of TrustBasket HDPE Grow Bag



One HDPE Grow Bag

One Pack of Earth Magic Potting soil - 5 KG

One Pack of Vermicompost - 5 KG

One Pack of Garden Red soil - 5 KG

One Pack of Methi Seeds Packet


VERMICOMPOST: TrustBasket Vermicompost can be used in agriculture (organic farming), greenhouse, farmhouse, fruit orchards, lawns, garden plants, pots and plants, vegetable kitchen garden, hanging pots, nursery plant propagation/grafting/plant production, terrace garden, and horticulture. 

RED SOIL: TrustBasket offering Red Soil to the clients. Red soil ideal for flowering in various gardens and lawns. TrustBasket Red Soil well-aerated and well-drained while still being able to retain enough moisture for plant growth. Red soil is strictly tested before being dealt with patrons assuring its quality at the user’s end.

POTTING SOIL: TrustBasket has introduced "Earth Magic Potting Soil". It has good water holding capacity. So, the plants get much time to absorb the nutrients present in the water. It contains micro and macronutrients, which are essential for the growth of plants. Our potting soil is purely organic and 100% chemical-free. It contains microbes which enhance soil properties. So, there is no risk of health hazards

HDPE GROW BAGS: These TrustBasket HDPE grow bags for plants are ideally suitable for growing plants in indoor, outdoor. These grow bags can accommodate in lesser space. You can grow fruits, vegetables and flowers in these grow bags. These bags contain a drain hole so that the excess water can flow out. This avoids water accumulation at the roots.

Methi Seeds: TrustBasket Methi Seeds are High-quality seeds with good germination rate and Good Growing Habit, Suitable for all conditions.


TrustBasket is a leading Online Gardening Store that offers combo sets of Seeds, Red soil, Potting soil, and HDPE grow bag with a sale at attractive prices. Buy TrustBasket combo and enrich your garden.

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