TrustBasket Economy Super Saver Grow Kit (Methi, Capsicum Yellow, Carrot, Green Chilli, Amaranthus)

  • Rs. 2,192.00


1. GROW BAGS (10 Nos)

  • Standard size 150 Microns 600 gauge.
  • UV treated LDPE Grow bags with 3 to 4 years life.
  • Suitable for all kind of vegetable plants.
  • Easily Movable because of its light weight.

2. DIY Potting Mix (62 KGs): 

a) Two 5kg coco peat blocks which reconstitutes approximately upto 25 kgs each after adding water.

b) 10 kgs Red soil.

c) 100% concentrated 2 kg organic plant food Sufficient for 5 grow bags. No need of any extra Nutrients for next 12 months.

3.SEED PACKETS (5 Varieties): We send 5 packets hybrid seeds based on the kit selected.

4.We Provide Detailed instruction manual along with this Kit.

5.Dedicated phone support (9686432432)

6. Dedicated Email Support (

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