1. What actually happens inside the TrustBin?

The process similar to the way Milk gets converted to Curd and Maida flour gets converted to delicious Bread. There are active micro-organisms involved in this process. 
The main microbe is called Lactic acid bacteria which works on the food waste inside the bin and converts it into the pickle. Pickled food will then be mixed with soil to become compost. 
These microbes are very good for cleaning toilet/bathroom drains as well.
Hurray!! You have so many benefits in composting .
1. You are segregating the waste and converting into useful thing
2. You are avoiding pollution and doing good to the environment
3. You get compost and liquid fertilizer for your plants
4. You can also use the liquid fertilizer for cleaning drains. 
5. You can start growing more food plants and become sustainable as well.


2. What can be added to the bin?

Add only solid food waste. Avoid semi-solids and do not add liquids at all.
Some examples of valid food wastes to the Bin:
1. Rice, Chapati, Roti ( break them into pieces before adding) etc
2. Fruit peels
3. Cut vegetables
4. Meat, Fish and egg shells
5. Cooked Meat or Vegetables
6. Pooja flowers( add only flowers threads won't decompose)
Some examples of invalid food wastes to the Bin :
1.Plastic, Paper, Glass
2. Rotten food ( Don't add food that is smelling or has mould formation at all)
3.Curry, Sambar, Rasam etc
4. Hot food

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3. Is the process organic ? 

The process is completely organic since there are only living organisms involved. It is safe and very good for the environment. 

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4. Will it suit apartments? what is the size?

Yes. It is tailor made for flats and small houses.You can keep the bin under kitchen sinks or corners of the rooms. This occupies very less space. 
Size of one 14ltr bin is : 12.5 inches(width) and 11.5 Inches(height)
Occupies less around 1.2 square feet of ground space.

5. I am using Aerobic composter already. Will TrustBin be useful for me?

If you are using an aerobic composter(Terracotta or plastic) then TrustBin is something you must have. TrustBin converts the food waste into fermented pickle and that pickle can be added to the aerobic composter which will double the speed of composting process. You will never have to worry about the smell since you are using TrustBin.

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