TrustBasket Wheat Grass Trays

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    Product Height: 4 Cm

    Product Length: 60 Cm

    Product  Breadth: 30 Cm

    Thickness of the Tray: 3mm


    Feeding our body with certain immune booster helps to keep our immune system strong. One such immune booster is Wheatgrass juice. Today Wheatgrass juice is available the market. But we need to be aware of the original and fake one. Instead of buying the juice from the market, why don't you grow wheatgrass at home and prepare fresh Wheatgrass juice at your home?

    TrustBasket has introduced Wheatgrass tray in order to help you in growing the wheatgrass easily at home. This tray uses the hydroponic technique to grow the grass without soil. The tray contains small holes in it which help in the growth of the wheatgrass by draining the excess of water.

    This tray is not only used to grow wheatgrass, but you can also use this to sprout the microgreens like horse gram, Bengal gram etc., This tray is available in two combos i.e set of 2 and set of 4. You need to soak the seeds in water for a few hours, drain them and spread them in the tray.

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