TrustBasket Plant Growth Promoter/Booster Organic Fertilizer

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    Product Description

    Product Description :

    Plant growth promoters enhance plant growth and boost plant yield. These are small, simple chemicals that are produced naturally by plants to regulate their growth and development. Natural growth promoters are responsible for carrying all the biological processes and maintaining the plant’s health. They are active at very low concentrations. They are involved in stimulating root and shoot growth. But in order to improve the yield and crop quality, there is a need of organic Plant growth promoters that are not produced by the plants. So, TrustBasket has come with a Plant growth promoter to boost the overall growth of your plants.

    TrustBasket plant growth promoter is an organic fertilizer, specially designed to accelerate the rate of growth and maturation of the plants, without disturbing their natural physiological actions. These growth promoters boost the all-round development of the crops from root to the leaves.

    Benefits of Plant growth promoter :

    • Plant growth promoter is enriched with seaweed extract, humic acid, and amino acid mixture, which are prominent in enhancing the overall development of the plants
    • Promotes healthier root, stem growth and increase the absorption capacity of nutrients from the soil
    • Increases the flower formation, fruit set, seed set, and rate of maturity which results in a substantial increase in yield
    • Promotes faster seed germination and seedling development
    • Improves photosynthetic activity by promoting the healthy green leaves
    • Improves soil structure and loss of nutrients

    How to use

    Loosen the top layer of the soil to a depth of 1 inch around the plant
    Apply about 15 gm of plant growth promoter to each plant and mix it well with soil
    Water enough to moist the media immediately.
    Repeat the same process once in 30 days.

      Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

      Weight :
      450 g
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