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Gardening Tools Online

Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor garden, it is very important to have the necessary gardening tools that will help you with the work you do in the garden. Trust Basket offers high-quality gardening tools online at affordable prices. The garden tools that we have are designed to offer long-lasting use.

Essential Gardening Tools

Explore our collection of garden accessories for sale to buy essential tools for indoor garden. Some of the must-have tools are:

Garden Scissors

Garden scissors not your standard scissors that you use at home. With blades made from galvanised iron and handles made of plastic, these scissors are used to nip dead flowers, cut small branches and dead leaves. These scissors also come handy while harvesting fruits and vegetables, so that you can cut them without pulling the plant.

Hand Gloves

When you work in the garden for quite some time, calluses tend to develop on the hands. Also, you may get nicks and cuts while working. Wearing a pair of hand gloves while gardening will protect your hands.

Garden Cultivator

A cultivator is a garden tool that has three metal prongs attached to a plastic handle. You can use the cultivator to loosen soil, remove weeds or while planting seeds.

Hand Trowel

When you browse gardening tools online, make sure you buy a hand trowel. This gardening tool will come useful when you’re digging small holes, planting bulbs or transplanting seedlings. If you have an outdoor garden, you can invest in a larger sized trowel.

Garden Sheers

A pair of garden sheers will be more useful in an outdoor garden or if you have large plants in your indoor garden. You can use the sheers to cut live or dead branches. If you just have a patch of lawn in your backyard, you can use sheers to trim the grass.

Pressure Water Sprayer

It’s a must-have for your indoor garden. It can be used for spot watering and also for adding fertilizers to the plant.

Gardening Kurpa

It is a cutting tool with a flat blade. You can use this tool for digging soil or weeding the garden.

The features of Trust Basket gardening tools are:

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Rust resistant
  • Designed with comfortable handle
  • Feature quick-release lock

When you explore our garden accessories for sale, you can get individual tools based on your need. You can also go for a gardening tool kit or a terrace garden kit online that will have all the necessary tools in one pack.