TrustBasket Vermicompost for Plants

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Country of origin : INDIA


TrustBasket’s Vermicompost can be used in agriculture (organic farming), greenhouse, fruit orchards, lawns, garden plants, potted plants.   Vermicompost is nothing but castings of earthworms. These worm castings contain water-soluble nutrients, that can be readily absorbed by plants. It contains almost all the macro and micronutrients that are essential for plants’ growth.

  • Improves soil aeration
  • Enriches soil with beneficial micro-organisms)
  • Free of weed seeds, chemicals, and harmful pathogens.
  • Do not contain any additives like charcoal, coco peat, or soil to increase its weight or volume.




  • TrustBasket’s Vermicompost improves soil structure and texture.
  • Attracts deeply burrowed earthworms.
  • Increases the water-holding capacity.
  • Free of weed seeds, chemicals, and harmful pathogens.
  • Do not contain any additives to increase its weight or volume.
  • Do not hold any bad smell.
  • Encourage the population of useful soil microbes in the soil.


  • potted plants: 2-3 fists (according to plant’s size/age) for every 20 - 25 days.
  • Citrus, pomegranate, and guava tree - 2 Kg/tree (before the initiation of the flowering season.)
  • Mango and coconut trees (twice a year - in March and September)
    At planting - 2 kg/tree
    1-5 years - 5kg/tree
    Above 5 years - 10 kg/tree


Application tips: 

  • Can be added on top of the soil for potted plants and 
  • Can be incorporated into the soil around (1.0 - 1.8 m away) the base of fruit/plantation trees.
  • Use gloves and a mask if you are allergic to fertilizers.
  • Can be added to potting mix, potted plants, and garden planted plants as well.

Storing tips: 

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Consult physician immediately if ingested.


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