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    Product Description

    Product Description

    Bonsai is a Japanese technique of growing small trees that mimic the shape of real-life trees. Bonsai plants have magical powers that bring a natural and peaceful feel to any space. Since it is technically a tree, it makes an extraordinary addition to every empty space. You can place it either outside or near the window, but make sure that your bonsai tree gets plenty of sunlight. When it comes to the Bonsai soil, it needs soil that differs from the regular potting soil. It is not right that any soil will ensure the growth of Bonsai. It is important to find the soil that drains quickly but still manages to retain some water content. The soil should be well aerated, well-drained, and have proper water retention capacity. But in today’s concrete world it is difficult to get a suitable growing medium for your Bonsai.

    In order to provide a suitable growing medium, TrustBasket has introduced the Bonsai Soil Mix, which meets all the requirements of Bonsai.

    • Completely organic growing media for Bonsai doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals which are noxious to our Mother Earth
    • Well-drained soil allows for excess water to escape through the pot’s drainage holes after watering Bonsai
    • Well aerated soil that has room for fresh air to penetrate between the particles provides proper aeration for the root system
    • Soil has proper water retention capacity. As much as we need good drainage, we also need some water to retain
    • Holds essential nutrients which are necessary for the plant’s growth.

    Directions to use

    1. Choose the container with drainage holes or make enough holes in the selected pot
    2. Fill the pot with about ⅓ full with Succulent and cactus mix
    3. Place the plant at the center of the pot
    4. Top up with Succulent and cactus mix and press lightly around the plant
    5. Water the plant and allow it to drain

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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