Coconut Plant Fertilizer

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Fertilizers are a very essential component for the plants to grow well. They are the main source of nutrients to the plants. The soil contains a limited amount of nutrients in it. But few plants require extra nutrition for better growth. Scientists of  Coconut Research Station have proved that coconut needs secondary nutrients as well as micronutrients for higher yield and to avoid pencil disease. So you need to add nutrient-rich fertilizer to the Coconut Plants.

We have introduced Fertilizer, particularly for Coconut Plants. This fertilizer is rich in many micro and macronutrients which contributes to the healthy growth of the Coconut Plants. Their functions are as follows.

1. Sulfur: Increases oil content.
2. Calcium: Helps root growth and increases the yield.
3. Magnesium: Increases Photosynthesis and keeps the leaves green.
4. Zinc: Controls button shedding.
5. Boron: Is required for normal pollination and controls premature drop of flowers and buttons.
6. Manganese: Helps in maintaining various physiological reactions.
7. Iron: Helps in the major chemical reaction that takes place in the chloroplast.
8. Copper: It develops disease resistance in the plants.
9. Molybdenum: Helps in the multiplication of microorganisms that are useful to the plants in Nitrogen fixation.
10. Chloride: Chloride, Is an important nutrient usually available in the soil and helps in the physiological reactions.

The root system of coconut is entirely different from other plants. The root hairs are absent and in their place, root notches are present. These root notches will absorb the nutrients. It is advisable to apply fertilizer in split doses instead of a single application. When nutrients are applied, care should be taken to see that the soil contains sufficient moisture.

• Helps in the increase of photosynthesis.
• Controls button shedding and helps in the increased absorption of major nutrients from the soil.
• Improves the quality and quantity of yield.

• Apply Coconut Plant Fertilizer 150 gm per plant initially and 150 gm once in every six months.

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