Coconut Plant Fertilizer

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    Product Description

    Product Description:

    Coconut palms are heavy feeders which need a continuous supply of complete fertilizers. It also needs secondary and micro nutrients to get higher yield and to prevent Pencil Point disease/disorder. TrustBasket Coconut Plant Nutrient has essential secondary and micro nutrients that help coconut plants as follows

    1. Sulfur: Increases oil content.
    2. Calcium: Helps root growth and increases the yield.
    3. Magnesium: Increases Photosynthesis and keeps the leaves green.
    4. Zinc: Controls button shedding.
    5. Boron: Is required for normal pollination and controls premature drop of flowers and buttons.
    6. Manganese: Helps in maintaining various physiological reactions.
    7. Iron: Helps in the major chemical reaction that takes place in the chloroplast.
    8. Copper: It develops disease resistance in the plants.
    9. Molybdenum: Helps in the multiplication of microorganisms that are useful to the plants in Nitrogen fixation.
    10. Chlorine: chlorine is an important nutrient usually available in the soil and helps in the physiological reactions.

    This fertilizer helps in fulfilling the nutrient requirement and maintaining the healthy growth & development of coconut plants.

    Benefits of Coconut Plant Nutrient:

    • Increases nutrient uptake by trees
    • Prevents irregular nutrient deficiencies
    • Improves plants’ resistance to diseases and stress
    • Helps in the increase of photosynthesis
    • Controls button shedding and helps in the increased absorption of major nutrients from the soil
    • Improves the quality and quantity of yield.

    Dosage: 150 gm/tree

    Directions to use:

    • Incorporate 150 gm of coconut fertilizer around the plant base at 0.5-1.5 m away (according to the plant’s age)
    • Water the soil immediately after applying fertilizer
    • Use it once every six months

    Application tips:

    • Use gloves and a mask if you are allergic to fertilizers

    Storing tips:

    • Store it in a cool and dry place - away from direct sunlight
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets
    • Consult physician immediately if ingested or noticed any irritations on contact with skin.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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