Seed Germination Mix

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Country of origin : INDIA

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Germination is a stage where a seed turns into a plant. Most of the seeds germinate in the soil. Here, soil plays a very important role in the development of the seed into a sapling and further into a plant. You need to select an appropriate soil for the plants to grow well. Here, most of the people make mistakes.  Getting some random soil may just serve as a medium to grow. But you can't get a good result and the plants cannot survive in such soil. There are certain parameters for good potting soil. Plants need soil with air space so that their roots can expand freely as they need air space to breath. As there will be enough space for the excess water to flow down, loose soil does not allow the water to accumulate near the roots. This can avoid root rot. The soil must be sufficiently packed such that the roots can hold the soil and grow well and should be sufficiently loose such that the excess water won't get accumulated. The soil must contain the essential nutrients to encourage the germination of the seeds.Getting such grow soil rich with nutrients very difficult nowadays. So in order to help you out in enjoying the gardening experience, we have introduced Seeds Germination Soil Mix. It is an enriched soil with organic manure and essential nutrients for the better germination of the seeds. It has good aeration which makes the saplings to develop their roots easily. It has a good water holding capacity which intern provides sufficient moisture to the seeds during the germination. This Seeds Germination Soil Mix is available in the combos of 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg.

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