Seed Germination Mix

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    Product Description

    Product Description:

    Seed germination is one of the most crucial phases in plant growth and development. This is the process that influences crop yield and quality. Along with water, air, temperature, and light, soil also plays a very important role in the development of the seed into a sapling and further into a plant. So, this is very important for you to select an appropriate soil for the plants to grow well. Many people make mistakes when choosing the right soil. Getting some random soil may just serve as a medium to grow. But there may be a chance that you won’t get good results.

    For the good germination of any seeds, the soil has to meet certain characteristics. Plants need soil with air space so that their roots can expand freely as they need air space to breathe. As there will be enough space for the excess water to flow down, loosely packed soil does not allow the water to accumulate near the roots for a longer time. This helps in avoiding root rot. It is important to find soil that drains quickly but still manages to retain some water content. The soil must contain some essential nutrients to encourage seed germination. Getting such soil that meets all the parameters is very difficult nowadays.

    In order to help you out in finding the right soil for seed germination, TrusBasket has introduced “Seed germination soil mix”.

    • Completely organic seed germinating medium and doesn’t have any chemicals which are harmful to the mother earth
    • Loosely packed growing medium designed to provide seeds and seedlings with the strongest start possible
    • Seed germination soil mix is designed to encourage healthy, strong roots from the very beginning, ensuring healthy growth throughout a plant’s life
    • Soil is loosely packed and well-aerated, which does not allow the excess water to accumulate for a longer time.
    • Soil contains the essential macro and micronutrients which promotes the good germination of the seeds.

    Directions for use

    1. Sow the seeds about 1 to 1.5 inches depth in the germination soil mix
    2. Ensure the moisture in the soil by watering it
    3. Keep the pot in shade but not in direct sunlight
    4. Cover the pot with a plastic cover to create a greenhouse effect
    5. Make 2 - 3 small holes on the top of the plastic cover for air circulation

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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