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Country of origin : INDIA

Trust Basket is a top online garden store that offers premium quality cocopeat block made from coconut husks. It can be used as a substitute for soil, especially in terrace or kitchen gardening. It can also be used to enrich soil in horticultural and agricultural applications. 

The advantage of using coco peat powder is that it retains moisture, stores and releases nutrients to roots over extended period of time, enhancing plant growth. cocopeat block is an ideal growing media for plants. 

Natural Soil Conditioner

Enrich the organic potting soil in your planters and garden with coco peat powder. If gardening is a hobby of yours and you spend a lot of time tending to your plants, then this block is a must have component. Weighing 5kg, this cocopeat block provides just the right amount of a 100 percent natural product, which is useful for healthy plant growth. All you have to do is place this block in a bucket and add about 22 to 25 litres of water. Then wait until the block expands. Slowly stir it till the soil loosens. As the cocopeat does not contain any nutrients, it needs to be mixed with normal soul for the mixture to grow plants. After this, the product will be ready for you to use. 

Enables Healthy Growth

You can use this coco peat powder for various gardening activities. Whether your interest lies in horticulture or floriculture, this organic potting soil will prove useful for just about any type of plant. It is also a very handy medium for the germination of seeds. Coco peat powder can also be used to improve the health of grass or other plants in parks, gardens and golf courses. This cocopeat block has the capacity to retain a high amount of moisture, which in turn helps with water conservation. Providing extra aeration to the roots, it helps promotes healthy growth. The fact that it is resistant to harmful bacteria and fungus is just another wonderful benefit.

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