Gardening using Railing Planters

Railing planters are planters which go on fence or compounds. Why railing once to choose? It’s so because they give a different look as they take up places on the fence around. It’s true that you can’t keep anything in much heavy, they are typically meant for designing up your surroundings. So, flowering goes well with these planters, you get a verity of flower boxes for rails; they can stand well in your backyard or on balconies.
Balcony Railing Pots
Space around your balcony plays a major role when it comes to gardening but railing plants fit in any space as they just take up the space of the fence, flower pots for balcony railings come with a different shape, size and color. You got to design up with the space provided as we in Trustbasket offer plants for railing Oval railing plants(color: ivory, red, magenta, yellow, dark green, etc),Bee planter(color: green, yellow, blue, pink, etc), Single pot railing, Rectangular railing planter and rounded with a set of colors.
It's certain that flowerings go best with the railing pots, keeping the shape and color of the railing you choose, select the right flowering which goes in. If you got more balcony space then any railing of that king can fit in, if quite a less space medium railings go well, say rounded/oval/bee.

Decorating up the space provided around your living/office place. Railing planters give a unique look for outdoor gardening as the planters go on along the compound fence if provided. Any railings of that kind suit your space. Color up your outdoor space using planters for making walkers stand and take a view/ giving refreshing time for people around.

Trust Basket Railing Planters

Trust basket provides a variety of railing pots in different colours and shapes. Our planters are given with detachable hooks so you can use them as both railing and table top planters. The hooks are adjustable for different length so you can hang them on all types of railings like round, square...etc.
These planters are made up of galvanized metal and finishing is given with powder coated painting so they won’t get shaded for direct sunlight/rust free. Our planters will weigh around 1 kilogram which helps you to carry from one place to another. These planters are capable of containing 25 to 30 kg soil which helps you to grow all kinds of plants.
Our oval and rectangular planters are available in seven different colours(red, yellow, magenta, blue, teal, green, ivory) These planters can be used to grow large flowers, common vegetables, climbers, root vegetables, and greens.
Round planters with polka dots are available in five different colours( Red, orange, blue, yellow and green ) and bee planters are in six different colours( light pink, green, yellow, blue and teal) with wings are our most decorative planters, which are used to grow common vegetables and small flower plants which are most loved by the children’s.

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