Coir Seedling Cups - 4 inches (Set of 10)

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    Product Description

    Coir Seedling cups dimension:

    Length: 10 cm

    Width: 10 cm

    Height: 8 cm

    Product Description

    Germination is a most important phase in the growth of a plant. It is the stage where a seed turns into a plant. To help the plant for the healthy germination, we need to maintain moist condition. In order to provide such favorable condition, we have introduced Coir seedling cups.

    These cups are made of coconut coir. The coir has a good water holding capacity. So it retains the water for a longer time and hence the seeds can germinate easily. It is one of the easiest ways to germinate seeds. Have them and enjoy your gardening journey.

    Weight :
    400 g
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