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A major problem faced by communities throughout our country is the treatment, disposal, and recycling of solid wastes. Generally solid waste from a community consists of biodegradable organic materials. Nearly 95% of the organic waste is generated in the city is disposed of in landfills. This pollutes the underground water and also flies, mosquitoes and many other pests breed on the waste and unless properly maintained, the dumps are a public health hazard. Currently there are no proper systems for managing waste in most of the cities in India.

To avoid disposal of kitchen food waste we have Introduced TrustBin a compost bin in India. By using this, you can compost most of the kitchen food waste including fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared foods, cooked, uncooked meats, fish, cheese, eggs, bread, coffee grinds, tea bags, wilted flowers and tissues.

With the Trustbin we are providing a composter “ BOKASHI COMPOST MAKER” which is used around the world to manage food-waste through an anaerobic fermentation system. 


Below are a few steps that should be followed for successful composting. 

First, fix the tap to the bin and spread the Jaggary in the bottom of the bin. The jaggary serves as food for microbes. Place the filter inside the bin and a layer of paper above the filter. Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of compost maker powder on the filter and the food waste from the house is put into 14 liters TrustBin daily. The food waste must be sandwiched between the layers of compost maker powder. The bin must be always airtight. It should be opened only while adding the food waste and compost maker powder. 

As each layer of waste is added, around 3 to 4 tablespoon of Composter is sprinkled over the top. This process is repeated until the bin is full. Then it is sealed and kept for 15 days to complete the fermentation process. During this time the microbes pre-digest the food waste and prepare for the next stage. You can collect the liquid fertilizer once in 3 days through the tap provided. To use this liquid on plants it has to be diluted to a 1:30 ratio and has to be sprayed to the plants. If you do not have plants you can directly add it to the toilet or kitchen drain. It is a fantastic natural cleaner. 

The fermented waste in the compost bin is now mixed with the soil/coco peat and then left to cure for 15 days in a big pot or container. The container is covered with cardboard to avoid mosquitoes, control moisture and protection from rainfall.

The Mix is then used as a high-quality fertilizer for the flower plants and common vegetables plants in the garden. This can also be used for the lawn for effective growth. 

If you wish to compost successfully, you actually need two compost bins. One to use immediately and when it is full it decomposes and a second one to use while the first one decomposes and makes juice.

If you have only one compost maker, the waste can be buried as soon as it is full. But in two buckets the waste gets an extra time to ferment the food waste. However, this wonderful home composting system will still work with just one Bokashi bucket. 


In our package, we are providing the bins in three different combos.

  • Starter composting kit for the beginners includes 1 set of [ bin, tap, a small packet of jaggery and filter ] with ½ kg compost powder and an instruction manual. 
  • For a family of two members, 2 sets of [ bin, tap, a small packet of jaggery and filter ] with 1 kg compost powder and an instruction manual. 
  • For a family of four members, 3 sets of [ bin, tap, a small packet of jaggery and filter ] with 1.5 kg compost powder and an instruction manual. 

We also provide one 650 grams of cocopeat with every combo. 

By using the Trust bin to recycle the kitchen waste, you are not only preventing the chemicals from entering the soil but also save money on the purchase and transportation of the traditional compost previously required for the plants. 


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