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    Product Description
    Product Dimensions:

    Height : 60 cms

    Width : 29 cms

    Length : 30 cms

    Product Description:

    • This hanging Planter baskets combined with felt cloth and traditional metal basket.
    • All parts of our hanging baskets are powder coated, which make them rustproof.
    • Hanging hook and chains are made of metal so that you need not worry about them breaking like the plastic ones in hot & dry weather.
    • The soft, breathable felt cloth liner provides better drainage to eliminate over watering. Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer

    These elaborate hanging plant baskets will add elegance to your garden with their thoughtful and meticulous design. The simple exterior can perfectly match any plant and can also be used for small to medium statured plants . All the metal parts of our hanging planters are coated with a layer of anti-rust coating, so you can safely use them outdoors. And our metal chain also has a great load-bearing capacity, you don't have to worry about falling/breaking when you plant some larger plants. These high-quality nonwoven fabric felt cloth, which is completely harmless to our ecosystem are permeable to both air and water. Felt cloth liners provide better drainage and aeration. They help in holding the right amount of water and draining the excess amount of water at the same time. They allow the roots to breathe and take good care of your plant roots by which a beginner need not worry about their plants’ growth and development. You can hang the hanging flower pot on the ceiling, doorways, windowsills, balconies, fences. They will decorate your homes and beautify your living environment.

    Weight :
    1.2 kg
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