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    About Garden Shears

    Most gardeners own a pair of shears and use them regularly. They are small, hand-held, scissor-like clippers used to cut thin branches from bushes and small trees. If you have more shrubs than lawn you’ll be using your shears more than any other tool, so it nice to consider few tips.

    Tips and Cautions for Using Shears

    • Work comfortable.The primary concern with shears use is that you are making a lot of cuts using just your hand muscles. This can lead to fatigue and soreness, and repetitive stress injury at worse. To stave off these problems always use the deepest part of the blade to cut, or use gardening gloves to get maximum leverage.
    • Try carrying them a belt holster for easy access.If you visit a botanical garden and you will see that everyone is carrying a Shears on his or her belt. You should too. Buy a holster that your Shears fit snugly into.
    • Cutting wires: at some point, you will be tempted to cut a piece of metal wire with your shears. Don’t do it. You will permanently nick the blade, making every single cut you make afterward just a teeny bit harder. Some have a small notch where wire can be inserted and cut.
    • Keep‘em sharp and clean.To keep your hand shears in top shape, despite the abuse, you need to keep them clean, sharp and lubricated.

    Below are the things you should consider when choosing Gardening Shears

    Size and Weight

    Consider both how well the shears fit in your hand and how large a diameter branch they can comfortably cut. Most Shears will manage about a ½” branch, but some can cut up to 1” or more. Don’t be tempted to cut larger branches though; it will be harder to make a clean cut and can cause wrist or finger strain.

    If you’ll be doing a lot of pruning, check the weight of the Shears– heavier ones will cause more fatigue.

    High Quality Steel Blades

    Shears blades are generally made out of steel. Sometimes they’re coated with a non-stick substance that resists sap and other sticky materials. Look for blades made of high quality, hardened or carbon steel – they last longer and are less likely to nick or need frequent sharpening. In fact, poorer quality blades don’t hold a sharp edge and so make shears a laborious task that also damages plants.

    Related to blade quality is how closely the blades pass as you open and close them; the closer the better. Quality shears will allow you to adjust the tightness of the cutting mechanism and ensure that the blades are tightly held against each other.

    Then determine your budget. Like most gardening tools, garden shears come in a range of price points and, while you typically get better quality at higher prices, it’s not always necessary to pay more to get what you need

    Trust Basket Shears

    Customers mostly preferred to purchase quality products, so we are involved in offering best quality of Gardening Shear. Our best garden shear is extensively used to trim decorative shrubbery or other plants. Further, the offered products are available in the market in various sizes and specifications. Our products are highly durable in nature.


    • Longer service life
    • Efficient working
    • Low maintenance

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