Cockscomb red seeds (Hybrid)

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    1. How to germinate seeds

    1. Should we soak the Cockscomb seeds overnight for better germination?

    No need to soak the seeds in water. Directly we can sow the seeds. But we should keep the seeds moist during the germination.

    2. Should we use the seedling tray or direct sow is recommended?

    We can maintain the seeds in the tray at the beginning. But when the plant reaches 2 to 3 inches in length it requires some more space to grow. Sowing directly into pot is the best way to cultivate.

    3. What is the best season to grow Cockscomb?

    It can grow healthy in the summer season. In this season, Cockscomb grows well.

    4. Will it germinate in all seasons?

    Cockscomb seeds are available in all the season and it germinates in all the season. But it can grow healthy in the summer season.

    5. How many days will it take to germinate? Minimum - maximum

    Cockscombs will take 10 to 15 days to germinate. During the germination period, it requires moist soil, which increases the germination capacity.

    6. Can we keep it indoor after sowing or we should keep it outdoor?

    We can grow the Cockscomb plants either indoor or outdoor. But it requires complete sunlight nearly four to five hours per day.

    7. Which container is suitable? Rectangular, round?

    A rectangular container is suitable to grow the plants. Our rectangular container has large space on it. It helps to grow the plant's root lengthy.

    8. What temperature is required?

    We can expect the best result in 20 to 26°C temperature. This temperature helps to grow quickly.

    2. What potting mix to use?

    1. Will the coco peat based potting mix be sufficient or does it need soil only?

    Fertilizer and compost are the mandatorily required things to grow the plants, for that no need to invest separately. If you are buying Our potting mix, it has fertilizer and compost content in it. It increases the growing capacity.

    3. How to water ?

    1. Does it need a lot of water or very less water?

    It needs water on time to grow healthy. It needs water 4 to 5 days once in the winter and rainy season. 5 to 6 days once in the summer season.

    2. Will it sustain high sunlight?

    Cockscomb is a warm-weather crop that require full sun. So it will sustain heavy sunlight.

    3. Does it grow indoor in a shade or less sun?

    This plant needs complete direct sunlight, so it is batter to sow in outdoor. It will get sufficient sunlight outside.

    4. Pests?

    1. What are the common diseases it gets?

    Spider mites and aphids both are the common diseases can attack to the Cockscombs. To avoid these diseases, we recommend to use Neem oil. It is a natural pesticide.

    5. Harvesting?

    1. How many days it takes to grow from seed to harvest stage?

    It will take 80 to 95 days to the harvest from the sowing. Till that we should provide water, fertilizer, compost (potting mix)and Neem oil properly.

    2. How to identify whether it is ready for harvest?

    Remove the flowers as they start to turn brown and loose color. If you wait too long after this point, seed development starts

    3. How to Harvest? Should we remove from root or just cut and it grows again?

    We can cut the flower by the help of pruning secateurs safely, it will re-grow again

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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