Calendula seeds (Hybrid)

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    1. How to germinate seeds
    1. Should we soak the Calendula seeds overnight for better germination?
    Soak the seeds for 15 to 20 min in the clean water for better germination.

    2. Should we use the seedling tray or direct sow is recommended?
    We can maintain the seeds in the tray at the beginning. But when the plant reaches 2 to 3 inches in length it requires some more space to grow. Sowing directly into pot is the best way to cultivate.

    3. What is the best season to grow Calendula?
    Calendula needs cool weather to grow, so its better to grow in the Winter season.

    4. Will it germinate in all seasons?
    Calendula seeds can available in all the seasons (Trustbasket). But it grows well in winter.

    5. How many days will it take to germinate?
    Calendula seeds will take one to two weeks to germinate.

    6. Can we keep it indoor after sowing or we should keep it outdoor?
    We can sow it either indoor or outdoor but makes sure it should get good sunlight. Because Calendula needs 3 to 4 hours of sunlight every day.

    7. Which container is suitable to grow Calendula? Rectangular, round?
    Either of rectangular or Round pot can be used. Rectangular pots are better for most of the plants because the round pot will consume more space compared to the rectangular pots

    8. What temperature is required?
    Calendula requires 15 to 18-degree temperatures to grow healthy. In this temperature, Calendulas can grow quickly.

    2. What potting mix to use?
    1. Will the coco peat-based potting mix be sufficient or does it need soil only?
    Fertilizer and compost are the required things to grow the plants. If you're using our potting mix no need to invest for those things separately. Our potting mix has fertilizer and compost content in it. It can make the plant-strong.

    3. How to water?
    1. Does it need a lot of water or very little water?
    Calendulas grow with less water. Weekly once in the summer season. Three or four days once in the winter and rainy season.

    2. Will it sustain high sunlight?
    As a cool-weather crop it is, it can't sustain from the high sunlight.

    3. Does it grow indoor in a shade or less sun?
    Calendula is a cool-weather crop, that requires 3 or more hours of the sun per day.

    4. Pests?
    1. What are the common diseases it gets?
    We advise using "Neem oil" in the case of many diseases. Our Neem oil can fight with common diseases like kabloona, powdery mildew, damping off, Fungal leaf spot, Mosaic virus, Bacterial leaf spot.

    5. Harvesting?
    1. How many days it takes to grow from seed to harvest stage?
    If we are giving moist soil, water, fertilizer, compost, on time it will take five to six weeks to harvest from the sowing.

    2. How to identify whether it is ready for harvest?
    Start harvesting your Calendula as soon as the first flush of flowers is in full bloom.

    3. How to Harvest? Should we remove from the root or just cut and it grows again?
    You can pluck the Calendula directly from hand. But handle the plant gently while doing so. You can also cut the Calendula from pruning secateurs safely, it will re-grow again.

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    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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