Cauliflower seeds (Hybrid)

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    1. How to germinate seeds

    1. Should we soak the seeds overnight for better germination?

    No need to soak the seeds in water. Directly we can sow the seeds. But we should keep the seeds moist during the germination.

    2. Should we use the seedling tray or Direct sow is recommended?

    As Cauliflower acquires more place. So it can’t grow in the tray. It is better to sow in the pots or direct to the land.

    3. What is the best season?

    Cauliflowers can be grown in any season. But it likes cool weather, so it germinate quickly in winter and rainy seasons.

    4. Will it germinate in all seasons?

    It will germinate in all season, but it will give the best performance in winter and rainy season. We can grow Cauliflower in the summer season if there is sufficient water resource.

    5. How many days will it take to germinate?

    Cauliflower will take 2 to 3 weeks to germinate as a healthy plant. During the germination process, we have to keep the soil moist also need to provide the potting mix as a healthy good.

    6. Can we keep it indoor after sowing or we should keep it outdoor?

    We can grow it either indoor or the outdoor but make sure that Cauliflower should get at least 1 to 2 hours sunlight every day. Place it such that it gets sunlight.

    7. Which container is suitable? Rectangular, round?

    Direct sow to a rectangular container, because our( TrustBasket) rectangular container has large space compared to round. Cauliflower takes more space to grow.

    8. What temperature is required?

    Cauliflower needs 15' degree temperature to grow quickly. In this temperature, Cauliflower well and gives a good harvest.

    2. What potting mix to use?

    1. Will the coco peat base potting mix be sufficient or does it need soil only?

    Cauliflowers need moist soil as well as fertilizer and compost. If you are using Potting mix nothing to worry, it has fertilizer and compost content in it. Potting mix is sufficient to grow Cauliflower.

    3. How to water?

    1. Does it need a lot of water or very less water?

    Water is a much-needed source to grow any plant. Cauliflowers need daily watering in the summer season and two days once in the winter and rainy season.

    2. Will it sustain high sunlight?

    Cauliflower can sustain from the high sunlight because its topper surface is very rough.

    3. Does it grow indoor in a shade or less sun?

    Cauliflower requires less sunlight, so you can place it either indoor or outdoor but it should get minimum 1 to 2 hours sunlight every day.

    4. Pests?

    1. What are the common diseases it gets? Like root decay, white flies, many are there like this?

    Cauliflower can attack by some diseases like the worm, aphids, harlequin bugs. Neem oil is the best option to protect the plants. It is an organic pesticide that fights against the diseases. Neem oil comes with usage instruction.

    5. Harvesting?

    1. How many days it takes to grow from seed to harvest stage?

    Cauliflowers will take 75 to 85 days from the seeding to harvest. During this period, it needs water, fertilizer and compost (potting mix) on time.

    2. How to identify whether it is ready for harvest?

    When the heads are compact, white, and firm, then it is time to harvest them.

    3. How to Harvest? Should we remove from the root or just cut and it grows again?

    Cut the heads off the plant by headge shear safely. We can remove the plants because It won’t re-grow again.

    6. Advantages of Cauliflower.

    • Cauliflower fights against Cancer.
    • It makes bones strong.
    • It’s Rich in vitamins and minerals.
    • It Builds Healthy Immune System in the body.

    Use within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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