TrustBasket Coco Coir Pot for Garden Plants - Set of 10

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    Product Description


    Top Diameter - 17 Cm

    Product breadth - 10 Cm

    Product Length - 11 Cm


    Pots play a very important role in the growth of plants. They help in maintaining the greenery around you and also beautify your place. There are many kinds of pots available in the market. But choosing the right type of pot is very important. Many pots work as a container to hold the soil and plant, but they do not help in providing good aeration. Here is one pot which not only works as a container but also provides good aeration to the plants.

    We have introduced TrustBasket Coco Coir Pot to help the plants grow easily and healthy. The Coir basket is made of coconut coir. The coir has a good water holding capacity. So it retains the water for a longer time and hence the plants get sufficient amount of water to grow. Coco coir contains some vital nutrients like potassium, zinc, magnesium, etc., which are beneficial to a plant’s growth. We are selling it as Pack of 10 pots.

    Weight :
    1 g
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