Seed Starter Coco Discs 50 MM

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    Product Description

    Product Dimension:

    Product Length: 10.5 cm

    Product Width: 5 cms

    Product Height: 8 cms

    Product Description:

    • This each disk is enclosed in Nonwoven cloth to minimize dust and dirt.
    • Retains moisture, requires less frequent watering.
    • High aeration and results in good root formation of young seedlings.
    • Coco Pellets made from Coconut Husks.

    TrustBasket Coco pellets are made of sterile peat developing medium, encased in a decomposable net. This net can debase in garden soil or manure. It holds strength all through the basic seedling and relocate stages. Made of feasible crude coconut coir. Climate agreeable can give adequate oxygen and dampness to work with the germination of the seeds. This natural coco circle gives extraordinary water and supplement maintenance at seed beginning and growing stages, and it likewise advances solid root development and plant energy. No planters is required for developing your seeds and there will not be any weed issues as well. Speed and disintegration pace of the net will change with soil or fertilizer conditions.

    Weight :
    160 g
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