Coir Hanging Basket

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    Product Description
    Product Dimensions:

    Height : 57 cms

    Width : 26 cms

    Length : 27 cms

    Weight : 0.410 grams

    Product Description:

    • All parts of our hanging baskets are powder coated, which make them rustproof.
    • This hanging Planter baskets combined with Cocoliner and traditional metal basket.
    • The Coco Liner will hold a high capacity of water, while still allowing plants to breathe. This makes the liner easy to rehydrate, and ensures plants need less frequent watering.
    • The Coco Liner also has natural properties to support plant growth and the pH of coco liners also facilitate ideal conditions for planting.

    Due to Space constraints, our dream of having a garden cannot be achieved. When it comes to gardening, Space constraints makes most of us lose interest. But no need to lose your hopes. There is no hard and fast rule that you need to have a large space to have a garden. You can create a beautiful garden in balcony. We here to help you out in creating your house garden.

    As always, TrustBasket has continued its legacy of introducing an attractive range of gardening products. This time we have introduced Coir hanging basket. The Coir basket is made of coconut coir. The coir has a good water holding capacity. So it retains the water for a longer time and hence the plants get sufficient amount of water to grow.

    The package contains the Coir Basket, Designer metal liner and hanging chain. The liner and chain are made of premium quality metal. The chain has a hook at one end which can be suspended in your balcony. The other ends are provided with removable hooks which can be fixed to the liner frame.

    Weight :
    950 g
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